• How Important is Provenance in Valuing Antiques?

Who owned an item can sometimes make a huge difference in the value of antiques and artwork. Watch our Weekly Question to see why.

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  • What’s Hot In The Marketplace?

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  • Do Antiques And Art Make Good Gifts?

Jason will be live on Facebook discussing the ins and outs of non-traditional gift buying, a timely and interesting topic!

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  • What’s It Worth?

Appraised value.

Auction estimate.

Retail value. The book says it’s worth this much. eBay says it’s worth this much.

We explore what all of this means and the differences of value and opinion of value in our Weekly Question

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  • Use The China And Break The Crystal

This week’s question isn’t as much a question as it is a rant. I’m going to address why the phenomenon of “Special Dishes” has been part of the downfall of traditional antiques.

On a related note, let the kids touch stuff!

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  • Should I Keep It Or Sell It?

How do you know if it’s the right time to sell your items?
Or if you should keep them?
Jason will talk about some of the determining factors for both in our Weekly Question.

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  • Mid Century Modern: What Is It? When Is It?

Jason discusses mid century modern design and breaks it all down in this short video.

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  • Scrap It Or Sell It?

Should you scrap your Gold jewelry, Sterling silver flatware or coffee service or your Platinum coins? Do you know what that really means? Watch this video to learn some of the basics in regards to your precious metals.

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  • Selling On Your Own vs Hiring A Professional

This was our first Weekly Question about selling on your own versus hiring a proven professional.

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