By Stacey Roske
While preparing for the launch of this newsletter, Jason and myself were introduced to a really cool inexpensive way to add audio to our website. So we signed up for a trial period – just to try it out – after using the method we immediately found that we could easily add audio messages to our eBay auctions. We were sold!

The service is For just $29.95 a month you can record an unlimited number of voice messages – which can then be posted to an unlimited number of websites! Messages are created using their toll free record by phone service (you do pay for the minutes you are recording), or, upload MP3 files for free!

For use in our own website and eBay auctions the process was four amazingly easy steps:

  1. Record Your Message – We used the free record by phone service – The hardest part was getting through the script without goofing up!
  2. Click on the “Click To Publish” Link Next to the Description of Your Recording
  3. Select a Publishing Wizard – The publishing wizard provides you with the HTML code to add your message to your website, eBay auction or even a postcard!
  4. Cut and Paste the HTML Code Provided by the Wizard Into Your eBay Auction or Website

The results are amazing and it was easy! Jason and I are very happy with the results – folks comment on our website and we’re getting more bids! You can hear how we use Audiogenerator by clicking on our website (then click on the Welcome Message) or any one of our eBay auctions.

CLICK HERE…. to be directed to the Audiogenerator website. One warning – the sales pitch is really in your face. Some are turned off by that – just stick with it – try it out and you will be hooked!

Then drop us a line and let us know how you use Audiogenerator to enhance your website and eBay auctions.