Do I need an appraisal?

As personal collections of antiques, art, and other valuables grow, professional appraisals are the only way to accurately assess those collections. A professional appraisal, before disaster strikes, is the only way to protect your past and plan for the future.

The KC Auction & Appraisal staff has a passion for history and a real curiosity in the value of heirlooms and other possessions. We also know how to establish a verifiable value for every item in your collection, helping you protect your investment.

With a professional appraisal to accompany your insurance policy, the monetary value of a collection can be replaced. Without an appraisal this may not be possible.

Appraisals can be performed in your home, at our office, or anywhere else that is convenient for you.

Don’t hesitate! Contact us and let us help you!

How to tell Sterling Silver from Silver Plate

The KC Auction & Appraisal Company looks at 1000s of pieces of silver every year. Some of it is very valuable and some is worthless. Knowing what to look for makes a world of difference.

In this video Jason talks about the difference between sterling silver, silver plate, coin silver and weighted silver. He talks about hallmarks, how to read them and what to look for when you are buying or selling silver from an estate.

Understanding the difference between these different types of silver can mean thousands of dollars in gained, or lost, money for you or your estate.

If you have questions about your silver please reach out to us.