Special Collections are those collections, or estates, that are outside of the normal realm of estate work. They can generate lots of interest and bidding activity if the company selling them understands how to maximize bidder interest.

Before you hire someone to sell your Special Collection here are a few questions to ask.

  1. How do you find people as passionate about your Special Collection as you are?
  2. Who are the collectors of your Special Collection?
  3. How do you find the collectors of your Special Collection?
  4. Where do the buyers live for your Special Collection?
  5. What type of marketing is needed to sell your Special Collection?
  6. When should you sell your Special Collection?
  7. Where should you sell your Special Collection?
  8. How do you handle the logistics of selling your Special Collection?
  9. Does your Special Collection need or deserve media attention?


We have been fortunate to work with several Special Collections across a wide spectrum of collecting genre. Follow the links below for more information about each of these Special Collections.

  • DoLores Hadley “LaFamille Marionette” Estate (92,561 lot views – 3,492 bids)
  • John Douglas Patrick Artist’s Estate (6 auctions – 81,391 lot views – 8,622 bids)
  • John Coultis Design Estate I (62,745 lot views – 6,506 bids)
  • John Coultis Design Estate II (47,525 lot views – 2,532 bids)
    • Combined 110,270 lot views – 9,038 bids
  • David Hood Design Estate (66,193 lot views – 9,228 bids)
  • Dick Ferrell Flour and Milling Collection (51,073 lot views – 5,687 bids)
  • Congressman Ike Skelton’s personal ephemera collection (25,580 lot views – 2,999 bids)
  • Millie Moorman Estate (22,123 lot views – 2,326 bids)
  • Bill Grigsby’s sports memorabilia collection (14,119 lot views – 1,940 bids)
  • The estate of the artist known as Linister (34,110 lot views — 1,846 bids)
  • Dr. Roland and Marcia Sabates’ Oak Street Mansion Art Collection Auction (43,327 lot views — 1,903 bids)

These eleven auctions alone have garnered

540,747 lot views
47,081 bids