At the KC Auction and Appraisal Company we offer a number of services including auction and estate liquidations services, appraisals, consulting and brokerage services, and real estate and business liquidation services:

Auction and Estate Liquidation Services:
A family’s history and even their life’s work is collected over decades or generations. Reducing the size of a family’s collection, or selling the entire estate, can be very emotional for any family member.During this process, KCA&A helps individuals and their family members every step of the way. From the first discussions of how the extended family will be included, to bringing maximum value for the estate or collection at auction.The process starts by discussing the family members’ wishes and how the estate will be distributed. From there, a careful and thorough evaluation of each and every item is performed on-site.Once the estate is evaluated, KCA&A will handle all the logistics of the sale, working with the neighbors and the city to create as little disruption as possible. We will also advertise the sale in multiple outlets and to our established network of buyers. Over the past 20 years, KCA&A has developed relationships with buyers looking for specific items and has developed a database that will be invaluable to bringing maximum value for each piece.On sale day, KCA&A handles everything from start to finish, with the utmost respect for the owners and their families. The staff will handle all transactions and proceeds will be delivered to you in as little as one week.KCA&A is also an iGavel Associate, joining an exclusive online network of auction houses, dealers and appraisers that have a proven history of high-quality service and integrity. As an associate, our clients have access to a national and international audience of those seeking the finest collectibles.

Appraisal Services

As personal collections of antiques, fine art, silver, coins, and other valuables grow, professional appraisals are the only way to accurately assess those collections. A professional appraisal, before disaster strikes, is the only way to protect your past and plan for the future.The KCA&A staff has a passion for history and a real curiosity in the value of heirlooms and other possessions. When it comes to assessing the value of unique items or a wide-ranging collection, we also have the professional experience necessary to establish a verifiable value for every item in your collection, helping you protect your investment.With a professional appraisal to accompany your insurance policy, the monetary value of a collection can be replaced. Without an appraisal, however, this may not be possible.
Appraisals can be performed in your home, at KCA&A or anywhere else that is convenient for you.

Consulting and Brokerage Services

In families and business partnerships, there will inevitably come a day when valuables and assets need to be divided or passed down from one generation to the next. This can be one of the most difficult transitions in our lives, but KCA&A’s professional consulting services can help your family or business through every step.No member of a family wants to feel overlooked or left out of a loved one’s estate. Removing questions of value beforehand allows families to remain loving families, which may be the single most important reason to hire a professional. Our staff will work with you to establish and document the value of specific items or your entire collection, giving you solid advice to help you establish a more equitable division of an estate.This service allows owners to pre-plan the distribution of assets, allows businesses to divide their assets equitably and helps partners negotiate a difficult transition together. Regardless of your specific needs, our professional consulting services will allow you to plan for the future and control the distribution of your own assets.KCA&A can also help you broker your most valuable artwork, jewelry, or unique items. Putting our national network of colleagues to work for you, we handle all of the details ensuring your items get the best exposure in the best market available. We have insights into the market that can only be gained through years of experience and a professional network that reaches from coast to coast in all areas.

Real Estate and Business Liquidation

KCA&A can be an invaluable resource in the appraisal, marketing and liquidation of business assets and real estate. The KCA&A staff will establish and document a comprehensive value for the business assets and real estate. This on-site evaluation and documentation can be performed in as little as one week, creating options for you as you seek to sell real property, transition your business or liquidate all assets. Don’t hesitate! Contact us and let us help you!