These articles are written to provide you information about various areas of collecting, tips on profitably running your antique business or managing your collection.

$2.5 Billion in Sales

According to the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Christie’s, Sotheby’s and others, more than $2.5 billion worth of art changed hands at auction during the 2015 spring art auctions in New York.
Yes. $2.5 billion. With a B. What does that mean for the market and for you? The market has spoken, loudly and clearly, there are art buyers active and hungry to buy top works. The press has focused on the record setting Picasso and Giacometti pieces but up and down the line prices for art are at or near historic highs. Record prices were achieved for artists too numerous to keep track of. Fresh to the market pieces or pieces with a strong provenance are even more desirable. What does this mean for you? If you are a buyer there are more works coming onto the market. Opportunities abound for starting or adding to a collection. The ability to find works has never been easier. Online auctions and galleries bring the world to your door. If you are a seller there might never be a better time to liquidate. Every day we read articles about artwork and so do collectors. Are we experiencing a bubble? Will prices come back to more realistic levels? Will we look back with glee that we sold or with sadness that we didn’t buy? I don’t know the answers but I do know there has never been this much excitement centered on fine art in my career. The last time the markets appeared this strong was back in the 1980s and 60 minutes ran a feature article on contemporary art. Are we at that point again?

We are ready and able to help you. We have a fine art auction scheduled right now that has some very nice examples of regional art already consigned. If you are looking to expand your collection keep close tabs on this. If you are thinking of selling we have the tools in place, buyers at the ready, and auctions scheduled to take advantage of the current markets.

Call us today to discuss your needs and desires.

New Orleans Experience – Post Katrina

By Jason R. Roske

Like many of you, Stacey and I have taken several trips to New Orleans over the years. The latest being during the June ’04 Ebay Live conference. We love eating and wandering in the French Quarter with its fine antique shops and restaurants. As we watched the devastation unfold we worried and wondered – what, besides make a contribution to the Red Cross, could we do? Read more

Should I Use an Online Appraisal Service?

By Stacey Roske
Recently a customer asked me to recommend an online appraisal service. A recent check of
the search engines turned up several – however – would I recommend one? Not specifically,
but if you are pragmatic about it, an online appraisal can provide you “information” about
your piece – just don’t take the “information” to the bank. Read more

Break Dust – Great Finds From the Side of the Road!

By Stacey Roske
There you are minding your own business – when what should you see but a pile or a lone piece of furniture placed at the curb.

You approach cautiously – is there anything good? Can I stop without snarling traffic? Or, if you are the embarrassed spouse – you think “not again” – as you slink deeper into your seat.

Then you spy it – could that really be a nearly perfect old dry sink? Are those lamps as old as they look? Read more

Add Audio to Your eBay Auction

By Stacey Roske
While preparing for the launch of this newsletter, Jason and myself were introduced to a really cool inexpensive way to add audio to our website. So we signed up for a trial period – just to try it out – after using the method we immediately found that we could easily add audio messages to our eBay auctions. We were sold! Read more

Protect Your eBay User Id and Password – How to Recognize Spoof Emails

By Stacey Roske
Early this summer I had my first experience with spoof emails – the email indicated that I could win a Mercedes by registering below – I just needed to add my eBay user id and password. Well, although the email “appeared” to come from eBay the grammar was questionable – it just couldn’t have been from eBay. I deleted that note and several others – before receiving a Power Seller newsletter warning of Spoof emails. Read more

Hand Colored Photographs – A Beautiful Look At A Bygone Era

By Jason R. Roske
Hand Coloring Photography originated in the 19th Century. Daguerrotypes (images on glass) were the first photos to have color added to them. When the “Dag” was complete, the photographer would add color to the image to enhance interest, beauty and sales. A well done coloring makes an image seem more real and lifelike, thereby increasing desirability. Read more